The Story of

Cupcake Kitchen


Where can I even start? I don’t recall the exact date I discovered one of my mother’s old baking recipe books, but I do know I was old enough to read, knew exactly where to find the ingredients in my mom’s kitchen and brave enough to give it a go!


I remember sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the oven, staring through my reflection, watching an absolute miracle happening inches away from me. At last the timer rang and it was time to take my very first chocolate cake out of the oven. Uneven and absolutely smothered in caramel, I could not have been more proud to present this utter masterpiece to my parents…


So yes, even though I don’t remember how old I was exactly when I discovered the joys of baking, what will always remain truly unforgettable is the spark that was ignited on that first day sitting in front of the oven. It was a spark that grew with me the older I got and soon it manifested into an absolute passion, a love… something you could call my happy place.


And that brings us to the present.

Cupcake Kitchen was born on 26 August 2015. And I have never looked back! I am a home-based baker, specialising in customised cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and iced cookies. I adore and take pride in everything I do. And although I stare through a slightly different reflection now, I still feel the same excitement as that wide-eyed little girl, looking through the oven door with each and every order.


Carla xx